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About Your Seniors Concierge

With a little help from us you can focus on living your best life and family time while we handle the day-to-day tasks and details. Importantly, our team is happy to offer services above and beyond the services you may already be receiving from My Aged Care.

At Your Senior’s Concierge we take pride in offering you or your loved one direct one on one support from our vetted, professional personal assistants. Each registered YSC personal assistant that is partnered with us are trained to provide the services we offer in a caring and compassionate way, while also ensuring regular communication and feedback.

Importantly, our personal assistants take pride in ensuring a senior’s extended family is updated regularly with the services they have been provided and any additional support required, taking the day-to-day worry away.

Your Senior’s Concierge specialises in helping connect both Parents who wish to remain independent in their twilight years and adult children or extended family, who want assurance their parents are enjoying life to the fullest with reliable help in place. We are able to fill this gap by providing attention, services, and communication.


Our Hero’s come with a wealth of hands on knowledge to assist you.



Our Hero’s are on time & reliable.


Our Hero’s are Police checked and fully insured.


Our Hero’s purpose is to make life easier for your loved ones.

Our Founders

Jo Adcock

Over the last 8 years I have worked with many seniors and in the process, I have developed a compassionate approach to providing much needed services. To me I feel care is about the relationships you create with your clients and their families. It’s all about taking the time to give.

Caring for Seniors is a rewarding experience in many ways, they can be extremely vulnerable and lonely; this is why our approach to being a good personal assistant is so important for the seniors’ wellbeing and the family’s peace of mind.

I have learned and experienced so much about how seniors live and the services they need while managing 48 senior villages across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, as the National Resident Experience Manager for a large public company.

In my former role when I visited each village, I took the time to meet and get to know each resident because each client has different story, need and life experience.

From this hands-on experience, I learned about the challenges elderly face in getting the right care and support. I learned how the death of a friend or a loved one affects our senior population. I understand how hard it can be when they do not hear from family on a regular basis and how they often feel helpless and without a sense of purpose.

My goal in providing your loved one support is to ease these feelings and provide those supports other agencies often cannot or unable provide.
I am compassionate about taking care of the elderly. I believe in providing them with a high level of care while also ensuring their families receive regular updates and communications from me. I’m friendly and hardworking but will always take the time to chat with my clients if they need to.


Kym Allan

I have worked within the Aged Care industry for the past 8 years both for My Aged Care and also in the Senior’s independent living sector.  During this time I have found the most rewarding part of my Role has always been  helping  our Senior’s to live  independently  and more important happily in their own environment for as long as possible with the best support available to them.

I pride myself in showing our Seniors both compassion and empathy in this ever changing world. I enjoy being the person that can assist them in navigating their daily lives while maintaining as much independence as possible.

I love a chat and understand the importance of social interaction for Seniors who are still living within the community. I have had the privilege of building a strong Network of both Health and also Aged Care Service connections within our local community and I come with knowledge of how to navigate your way through your aged care journey. 

Find Your Hero

Need help with your loved ones day to day tasks? We are here to help. Send through your details and we will organise one of our hero’s to be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Senior’s Concierge is a platform available to put you in touch with local Independent personal assistants  in your area. All independent personal assistants are Vetted and come with a valid Police Check, First-aid certificate, and relevant insurance to operate their individual business.

It costs nothing to make an enquiry with Your Senior’s Concierge. Services offered through our platform start from $55/hr. This will be discussed and agreed upon at the time of your meet and greet with one of our friendly independent personal assistants who will work with you to establish an agreed hourly rate and personalise a service agreement with you to suit your individual needs. Once both parties agree then services can commence. This gives you the client more freedom to choose how and when your services will be delivered and a clear understanding of how much it will cost. Payments will only be invoiced after the agreed services have been delivered.

There are many services provided through Your Senior’s Concierge including Transport, Pet Care, Appointment setting and reminders, In-home Care, Assistance with Nutrition and meal preparation, Shopping and errands, Arranging quotes for maintenance, Assistance with downsizing and decluttering,  Social wellness and so much more. We do not  offer Personal care such as showering, nursing or medical services through our platform.

Our Independent Personal Assistants will be happy to discuss their hours of operating with you at the time of your meet and greet.

We can help you launch your Independent Personal Assistant business using the Your Senior’s Concierge platform. We encourage compassionate, friendly and organized professionals to contact us directly to discuss further.
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